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Deploying SSRS reports using WIX installer

We have number of ways to deploy the SSRS RDLs like (1) Uploading the RDLs from Report Manager (2) Deploying from BIDS (3) Using RS.EXE and RSS scripts (4) Calling SSRS web service from a custom .NET application Though first & second … Continue reading

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Using RS.EXE to render SSRS reports

Most of the time RS.EXE is used to carry out administrative tasks like upload/download report, create data source, assign roles etc. For executing the report (rendering) we mostly use Report Manager or applications (Web or Windows). One option that many … Continue reading

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Appending a node to an existing XML file

In our project the SSRS RDLs are deployed by means of a MSI. The MSI was created with WIX which calls the RS.EXE thru custom action to deploy the report. The MSI provides the user with the ability to select or … Continue reading

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