SSRS 2008 R2 Error: The report execution …. has expired or cannot be found. (rsExecutionNotFound)

Few days back one of my colleague installed SSRS 2008 R2 and uploaded few RDLs. When he rendered one of the report, he was getting an error like

The report execution x67wqt55acfewcugepmvrkn has expired or cannot be found. (rsExecutionNotFound)

The said report worked fine in the BIDS but was failing when rendered from Report Manager. I tried to trace the report execution using SQL Profiler but profiler did not receive any call which indicated that the report failed before making call to SQL SERVER. Even googling did not help me 😦

After a while, I enabled the remote error property of SSRS (Using SSMS , log into to Report Services. Right click on the instance and select Property -> Advanced) to true

After setting this property, when we rendered the report from Report Manager, we got a new error message saying that date format is invalid.

By default, whenever an error occur, SSRS provides a generic error message like “An error occurred during client rendering….”. But throwing an error like “execution expired” is misleading and cause lot of confusion.

If you happen to get a similar error, try enabling the remote error property and see what is the exact error. Once you are done with the debugging, reset it to False as displaying technical error message to the end-user does not look good. This is just my opinion.


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Hardcore SQL Developer and aspiring Database Architect.
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13 Responses to SSRS 2008 R2 Error: The report execution …. has expired or cannot be found. (rsExecutionNotFound)

  1. BellGoti says:

    Obtain and pick some good points from you and it helps me to solve a problem, thanks.

    – Henry

  2. Arjen de Boer says:


    I had the same problem using the report viewer control in ASP.NET, it seemed I had an extra space after the name of the report. It didn’t report back that it couldn’t find the report (like with a typo) but came back with the report execution expired or cannot be found (rsExecutionNotFound).

    Removed the blank behind the name and it all worked.

    Kind regards,

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  4. manit says:

    I had also had a space in the name of the report. The error message is very misleading. What about “Report not found.”?

    • Paul says:

      What do you mean it’s misleading? The error message DOES say Report not found: “The report execution xxx has expired or cannot be found. (rsExecutionNotFound)”

  5. soundar says:

    Hi, suresh.. I need your guidance in ssrs deployment using wix..
    need your mail id or any contact info.

  6. soundar says:

    Hi, suresh. Thanks for your mail.
    I have lots of questions reg ssrs deployment using Wix, since i’m new to both SSRS and WIX . i was searching in Internet for two days, i did’n get anyother links than yours with sample code. Hope you wuld’n mind for guiding and providing your Id.
    If Possible can i able to connect u with gtalk? if so please provide your gmail ID.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Aparajita Rajoria says:

    Thanx Alot…!!! It Works… 🙂

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