SSRS case sensitive?

Seems so.

Here is what I did.

Created a new report with data source “DataSource1” and a dataset “DataSet1”. Went to the “View Code” mode (right-click on the report to go to this mode) and modified the data source assigned to the DataSet1 from “DataSource1” to  “Datasource1” and saved the RDL.

As soon as I shifted to the “View Designer” mode, the dataset “DataSet1” disappeared from the “Report Data” toolbar. Also when I tried to preview, got an error like

What it indicates to me is that SSRS requires exact object names when referenced.

To confirm the same, dropped a table control on the report. It created two rows and three columns(6 Text boxes) with names starting from Textbox1 to Textbox6. Tried to rename the “Textbox2” to “Textbox1”. Got an error message “Property is Invalid” which is as expected.

Then tried to rename the “Textbox2” to “TextBox1”. SSRS went ahead and renamed the object without any issues.

Did a final testing. Added an expression in a text box like

=IIF(“a”=“A”,“Case Insensitive”,“Case Sensitive”)

As you guessed, what I got is “Case Sensitive”

I was bit surprised because I was under the impression that SSRS is case-insensitive.

Seems like I got to fix lot of RDLs 😦


About Suresh Kumar D

Hardcore SQL Developer and aspiring Database Architect.
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4 Responses to SSRS case sensitive?

  1. WoundedEgo says:

    There seems to be a case sensitivity setting in the shared dataset propery window, under options.

  2. Johnk729 says:

    Article Source a viral game app is not ecdbeeeedbac

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